In this Northern Circuit tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the most iconic parks of the northern safari circuit of Tanzania – Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.

6 Days Home Of The Big Five Safari : Day By Day


A professional driver will pick you up from your hotel around 8 am in the morning and will take you to an amazing national park. Tarangire is well-known for its diverse landscape with nine different vegetation zones. This park is known for its abundance and numerous Ancient Baobab trees (the largest trees in the continent) which cover the whole landscape/area while the animals are seen small next to them.

The watercourse of the park is packed with life starting from an outsized style of birds to lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes and, of course, elephants.

In fact, the park has the most important concentration of elephants within the whole country and provides distinctive possibilities to look at the interaction between elephant families.

The lunch space is fascinating, boasting an observatory with amazing views to the river and wildlife (with good chances of seeing a hunt while having your picnic).

In the afternoon we’ll still do a game drive before continued to your accommodation

“In fact, the park has the most important concentration of elephants within the whole country and provides distinctive probabilities to look at the interaction between elephants’ families.”


A beautiful short journey across the great rift valley till Lake Manyara parkland for a full outdoor game drive. Although small in dimension (205 sq. miles), the park has exciting scenery and well renowned for its lush tree forest, big figs and mahogany trees, further on a growing population of baboons and blue monkeys. Permanent residents of this park conjointly embrace giraffes, elephants, impalas and a large quantity of buffaloes. The lake is additionally home to an oversized variety of hippos.

Some distinctive facts regarding this park embrace the tree climb lions, flamingos within the lake shore, further because the Ground coraciiform bird and therefore the Crested Eagle.

The landscapes of Lake Manyara are something that cannot be described with words, and the game drives along the lake provide stunning photo opportunities of giraffes and buffaloes

in the foreground and therefore the lake (and its flamingos) within the background.

During this day, some extra tours are possible, including a bike tour or a boat excursion.

In the afternoon, transfer to the camp for dinner.

“Some distinctive facts concerning this park embody the trees ascent Lions, Flamingos within the Lake Shores, still because of the grounds coraciiform bird and also the crested eagles.”


After AN early breakfast, depart towards the foremost illustrious park within the World, the Serengeti. The driving itself, although long, is spectacular.

You will draw close the crater highlands, creating a fast stop at the rim for an out of this view of Ngorongoro Crater. This will be a lingering moment for anyone seeing it for the primary time.

As you progress well into the Serengeti, you will see why the name means, in the local language, ‘endless plains’. The park has 6,900 sq. mile (18,000 and for many of it, the plains can stretch to the horizon defying your senses and perception of distances.

It is the house of the good Migration and to a pair of million wildebeests, many thousands of zebras and every variety of antelopes together with the thick impalas and Thomson’s gazelles.

As for giant Cats and enormous predators, it is the place of option to look out for lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, with several tv scenes just like the illustrious watercourse crossings

having been filmed in this park.

Smaller animals like foxes, mongoose, honey badgers, jackals, monkeys, baboons, Procavia capensis and African hares, alongside over five hundred species of birds, additionally inhabit this park.


Full day in the Serengeti National Park.

We square measure fully versatile along with your preferences and today are organized consistent with your needs.

On every day of the safari, your guide will discuss with you the best timings for you, including the game drives and the wake-up time.

For example, on this day, you could do a morning game drive, return to the camp for lunch and relaxation and finish with an afternoon game drive, or you

could do a full outdoor game drive with picnic lunch.


On this day, we advise an early arouse so as to try to an early morning game drive (when the animals are a lot of active) and see one amongst the best sunrises you’ll ever witness. It’s really one of the most beautiful experiences to have After the sport drive, we return to the camp for a rewarding brunch and then we’ll proceed to Ngorongoro, the 8th wonder of the Natural World. The crater spreads for 102 sq. miles and has 2.000ft high walls, making it virtually Noah’s ark and inhabiting almost every species of wildlife that is indigenous to East Africa. It’s one amongst the terribly rare locations within the whole continent wherever you’ll be able to witness the black Rhino. The concentration of African life if the best within the continent. The crater has a river, several swamps, a soda lake with a great concentration of flamingos, a forest and open plains. It’s also far-famed for its elephants that are the most important within the world and have vast tusks. This is because of the wealthy mineral content of the volcanic soil and its grasses. Ngorongoro Crater is really a marvel of the plants. You will reach Ngorongoro in time for a sundowner.


We will begin the day very early in the morning and descend into the crater floor for an improbable morning of life in one amongst the foremost gorgeous places on Earth.

After the sport drive, there’ll be time for a picnic lunch close to the gorgeous hippo Lake.

After lunch, we are going to have time for a brief game drive then ascend the crater and exit Ngorongoro Conservation space towards Arusha.

We expect to be back in Arusha around 5pm though we tend to a versatile just in case there’s a flight to catch or another scenario

End of 6 Days Home Of The Big Five Safari

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  • A professional driver/guide
  • All transportation
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • All Round trip airport transfer
  • All  Meals (3 meals a day)
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