Nights Great Migration Journey of the Wildebeest is about experiencing the amazing Serengeti. This could be a terribly special tour that enables you to concentrate most of it slow within the Serengeti, to follow the distinctive spectacle that’s the nice Migration. You will be ready to pay a minimum of four nights within the park, sometimes 2 within the Central space (with the biggest concentration of massive cats) and therefore the different two wherever the Migration is in keeping with the time of the year (South, North or West). We have designed this specific tour in order that you end the hunting expedition within the most remote location within the Serengeti, then fly from there to your next destination (Arusha or Zanzibar for example). However, shall you want to not fly, we’ll design your tour thus you are doing it by land and save the price of the flight.

Nights Great Migration Journey of the Wildebeest | Day By Day


Pickup from your hotel at 8am and begin a stunning journey across the Great Rift Valley till Lake Manyara park for a full outdoor game drive.
Although small in dimension (205 sq.miles), the park has breathless scenery and well noted for its lush tree forest, big figs and mahogany trees, moreover on a growing population of baboons and blue monkeys. Permanent residents of this park conjointly embrace giraffes, elephants, impalas and a large quantity of buffaloes. The lake is additionally home to an outsized variety of hippos. Some distinctive facts regarding this park embrace the tree rising lions, flamingos within the lake shore, moreover because the Ground coraciiform bird and therefore the Crested Eagle. The landscapes of Lake Manyara are something that cannot be described with words, and the game drives along the lake provide stunning photo opportunities of giraffes and buffaloes in the foreground and therefore the lake (and its flamingos) within the background.
During this day, some extra tours are possible, including a bike tour or a boat excursion.
In the afternoon, transfer to the camp for dinner.

“Some distinctive Facts regarding this park embrace the three rising Lions, Flamingos within the Lake shores, moreover because the grounds coraciiform bird and therefore the crested Eagles.”


Ngorongoro Crater is considered one the wonders of the World. The crater spreads for 102 sq.
miles and has 2.000 ft high walls, making it virtually a Noah’s ark and inhabiting almost every species of wildlife that is indigenous to East Africa. It’s one in all the terribly rare locations within the whole continent wherever you’ll witness the black rhinos. The concentration of African life if the best within the continent.
The crater has a river, several swamps, a soda lake with a great concentration of flamingos, a forest and open plains. It’s also celebrated for its elephants that are the most important within the world and have immense tusks. This is thanks to the wealthy mineral content of the volcanic soil and its grasses. Ngorongoro Crater is actually a marvel of the nature. We will start the day very early with a transfer from Manyara region to Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and descend into the crater floor for an incredible morning of wildlife in one of the most stunning places on Earth.
After the sport drive, there will be time for a picnic lunch near the beautiful hippo Lake.
After lunch, you may have the chance for an amazing afternoon game drive and so ascend the crater and transfer to your accommodation.


After an early breakfast, depart towards the most famous National park in the World, the Serengeti. The driving itself, although long, is spectacular. You will approach the crater highlands, creating a fast stop at the rim for Associate in Nursing out of this position of Ngorongoro Crater. This will be Associate in Nursing unforgettable moment for anyone seeing it for the primary time. As you progress well into the Serengeti, you may see why the name suggests that, in native language, “endless plains”. The park has 6,900 sq. mile (18,000 and for many of it, the plains can stretch to the horizon defying your senses and perception of distances. It is the house of the nice Migration and to two million wildebeests, many thousands of zebras and every one types of antelopes together with the abundant impalas and Thomson’s gazelles.
As for giant Cats and enormous predators, it is the place of option to look out for lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, with several tv scenes just like the far-famed stream crossings
having been filmed in this park.
Smaller animals like foxes, mongoose, honey badgers, jackals, monkeys, baboons, rock rabbit and African hares, at the side of quite five hundred species of birds, additionally inhabit this park.


Full day in the Serengeti National Park.
We square measure fully versatile together with your preferences and these days are going to be organized per your needs/wants.
On every day of the safari, your guide will discuss with you the best timings for you, including the game drives and the wake-up time.
For example, on this day, you could do a morning game drive, return to the camp for lunch and relaxation and finish with an afternoon game drive, or you
could do a full outdoor game drive with picnic lunch.


On these two incredible days, you will be driven across remote locations within the vast Serengeti plains in pursue of the Great Migration.
The areas you visit rely upon the time of the year and will be as so much because the remote North of the Serengeti close to the border with African country, or
could be in the South (Ndutu Area) or even in the Western part of the park.


On this present day we advise an early get up so as to try and do an early morning game drive (when the animals are very active) and see one amongst the
best sunrises you’ll ever witness. It’s really one of the most beautiful experiences to have.
After the sport drive, we have a tendency to come to the camp for a satisfying brunch and so we’ll proceed to the landing strip for your flight back to Arusha, or no matter your
next amazing destination might be (i.e. Zanzibar). Alternatively, instead of this early morning game drive, you may choose to stay at the camp for a bit of relaxation.


We have a tendency to suggest adding each day to go to Lake Eyasi, so as to go to the fascinating Hadzabe tribe within the next morning.
This is one of the last true nomadic tribes in Africa and a truly fascinating experience where you will join the members of the village in their local morning activities.
Alternatively, you can still finish the safari in Arusha and, on the next day, visit a traditional Maasai Village., where you will be guided by a Maasai Chief, who
will make a case for you their habits, how they live, their cooking techniques, how they take care of livestock, their songs and dances.
You will even have the chance to observe the village girls perform an area ancient dance.
Both experiences provide fantastic photo opportunities.

End of Nights Great Migration Journey of the Wildebeest

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